Motivation - Part 2

I have been thinking about this all day. Motivation isn’t the answer. I am never going to be motivated. Why would my brain want to do things that are hard? Why would I want to get up?

The fact is: I’m not going to. I won’t ever be motivated to do so. I have to just act. I have to take steps so that the motivation doesn’t matter. It needs to be the action that changes. Hitting snooze isn’t an option. Of course I’ll want to sleep more. Of course hitting snooze would let me do that. Hitting snooze won’t make me feel better though. I will feel better when I just go and do something.

So here I go. All of my ideas I’ve had. All of my goals for running, eating, school, and more. Being uncomfortable is the point. Pain is growth. Fear is avoiding pain. Don’t let yourself be afraid.





This is a very simplified summary of my own internal monologue after listening to a talk from Tom Bilyeu.

Written on November 11, 2017