Packing for Norway

Today is my first day of packing. Sure, I leave work to drive back to my parent’s place in less than two days. Sure, I leave on a plane on Monday. Sure, I’m going thousands of miles away and really should have packed at least a week ago. But why would I do that when I could put it off so much!?

I have to bring most of my things back to my storage unit tonight. I should really find all my cold weather clothing… It’s going to be chilly in Norway. :no: (Did that emoji work?? It should be the Norwegian flag).

Running after 11 weeks off is going terribly. Especially since my broken knee is still super weak. It is fun though, 4.5 miles yesterday and 2 today! Hope it goes better!

This is the first blog I have fully intended to keep going before. I think I will since it is so much easier to host than my previous ones.

Written on August 3, 2017